JNU Japan Alumni Group Initiative :

JNU Japan Alumni pleased to announce that we have taken a new initiative to create more interactive approach and to establish active dialogue between various groups between Japan and India.

These groups are divided into various sectors and disciplines considering multiple factors. Members of these groups will be from both Japan and India and from different fields such as academics, ex. bureaucrats, business man, policy makers, and members from trade associations etc.

Each sector/ discipline group will involve in promoting in the following activities.
  • will promote new policy initiatives and recommendations to both Japanese and Indian governments

  • academic collaborations and interactions to bridge the understanding gaps

  • seminars/ policy talks regularly

  • support to small and medium enterprises match making ; ( bringing both small and medium companies together) and to explore the opportunities

  • support to institutional collaborations


  • Energy Group

  • Economic Grup

  • Infrastructure Group

  • Educational Group

  • Institutional Collaboration Support Group

  • Business Collaboration support Group

Energy Group:

Members from Japan

Members from India