JNU Japan Alumni Objective :

The principal objectives of the JJA are to promote India-Japan relations across a wide spectrum:
  • academic and cultural exchanges

  • conduct dialogues and discussions on issues of mutual interest and concern and on issues of global significance

  • undertake focused studies on issues of common concern to Japan and India

  • and strive to increase people-to-people interaction with the intent that it would substantially contribute to better understanding of each other, and contribute to peace and progress in Asia in particular and in the world in general.

JNU Japan Alumni Proposed Activities:

  • Support research broadly related to India- Japan relations

  • Arrange periodic guest lectures on important themes by well-known experts

  • Promote cultural exchanges and related activities

  • Facilitate institutional collaborations

  • Provide information and support to Japanese students and scholars who wish to study in India

  • Offer consultancy services

JNU Japan Alumni Advisors :

  • Prof. Kumao Kaneko,( Former UN Ambassador & President,JIIA)
  • Prof. Masanori Kodo, ICU,Japan
  • Prof. GVC Naidu, JNU, India
  • Dr. A.S.Reddy,MOFA, India
  • Dr. Rajiv Nayan, IDSA, India
  • Dr.Luther R Mark, MOFA, India
  • Dr. N Nagesh, India
JNU Japan Alumni consists of graduates of JNU from India, Japan and other parts of the globe who are currently living in Japan or living in other countries but having linkages to JNU and Japan.

Latest News

Niigata Dialogue:"Niigata Dialogue on Japan-India Agricultural Cooperation"

Location: Niigata, Japan
Date: October, 2009